The energy-saving glass door developed by our company is suitable for refrigerated cabinets and freezers, and has the following characteristics:

The insulating glass of the → cabinet door is a combination of customized high-performance glass and LOW-E glass, and the U value can be as low as 1.0;

The structure of the → aluminum frame aluminum profile can be improved, which can reduce the thermal conductivity of the cold bridge;

→ integral glass door or door frame, equipped with intelligent temperature control system;

→ automatically senses changes in indoor temperature and humidity;

→ system fuzzy control, automatically adjust the electric heating power of the glass door;

→ glass is always within a reasonable temperature control range, the whole cooling system will not generate additional cooling capacity due to overheating of the glass; Achieve the energy-saving effect of the whole machine;

Under standard working conditions, the electric heating power →of the glass door is only about 40% of the power of the traditional electric heating glass door.

→Compared with the traditional glass door, the installation of a new energy-saving glass door with intelligent control can save more than 75% of the electricity bill;

Smart Controller Picture:


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